Mayash Foundation
Mayash Foundation

Mayash Foundation

Selfless service to Nature and Humanity.


The foundation's vision is to empower local communities and promote economic growth through technology while preserving and promoting India's rich cultural heritage for future generations to appreciate and learn from.


To preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of India while supporting the growth and development of the nation through the establishment of Various projects by leveraging cutting edge technology.

Code for Dharma

The code for dharma initiative focuses on developing IT solutions to promote and preserve Indian culture and traditions in digital space.

Code for Bharat

Code for Bharat is a platform that aims to connect developers with social impact organizations in India. The platform will allow developers to find and contribute to projects that align with their values and skills, while also enabling organizations to access a larger pool of tech talent.

World of JavaScript

As JavaScript is the most loved/used programming language of the web, the World of JavaScript initiative aims to unify un-maintain active libraries from npm and to standardize npm package development.

Projects under Code for Dharma






A web-based platform for Hindu temples to manage their operations and provide online services for devotees.


An IT solution that aims to provide online education and training to youngsters in the traditional Indian way.


A digital library that aims to preserve ancient Indian texts and make them accessible to anyone with an internet connection.


An open-source project that aims to digitize and preserve Sanskrit literature and make it accessible to all.

Open Source

An initiative to promote open-source software development in India.

IT support to Edu Institues

An IT solution that provides support to educational institutions and helps them integrate technology in their operations.

IT support to Goverment

An IT solution that provides support to the government in various areas such as e-governance, public service delivery, and citizen engagement.

Indian Languages Promotion

Here we will be focusing on promoting our Indic languages, like Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Bangali, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada etc. in the digital world.

Eg: translating all open source documentation of codes in local Indic languages. Eg: providing services to all companies to translate their website in local languages as well.

Founding Team

Himank Barve

Ghosit Khare